Coleus 'canina' (height 12"-18"; upright)

Scalloped and fleshy, the fuzzy green leaves have a pungent scent when crushed. Also known as the "Scaredy Cat" plant, it has a reputation for repelling pest animals and pets from the garden, as well as mosquitoes. We make no claims or guarantees as to the effectiveness of this plant in that regard. Either way, collectors of Plectranthus will desire this species plant. The blue flowers are larger and more showy than those from Plectranthus scutellarioides. Sun tolerant.

Common Name: Coleus
Species name: Coleus comosus
Temperature: Coleus come from a tropical climate and need warm temperatures to thrive. Do not plant outdoors until temperatures are reliably above 60 degrees at night. Optimal temperature range for coleus is 70°F to 100°F.
Hardiness: Tender perennial generally grown as an annual in the USA. Coleus will not survive a frost.
Exposure: Part sun or high shade for best color. Some coleus tolerate full sun. Harden off new arrivals before planting.
Water: Avoid soggy soil and provide good drainage. Allow soil to dry between waterings.
Fertilizer: Fertilize regularly at half-strength or use timed-release fertilizer.
Soil: Use high-quality potting soil or plant in garden soil rich in organic matter.
Blooms: Flower spikes in shades of purple and blue. Keep flower buds pinched since unchecked blooming will cause the plant to go into decline.
Spacing: 8"-15" in garden beds, pots and baskets can be planted more densely.
Ships as: Single or multi-branched starter plant averaging 3" to 9" tall. Plant immediately on arrival.
For more information please read our Coleus Care guide.

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